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Cat. NoTitleComposer/ArrangerItem pricePurchase
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60802Eyes Right / Andante (from Piano Sonata K331)Gerry McColl / arr Gerry McColl£20.00
60803Rock Hard / Entracte (from "Rosamunde")Gerry McColl / arr Gerry McColl£20.00
60804Summer Calypso / The RingmasterGerry McColl£20.00
60901Jingle Bells / We Wish You A Merry Christmasarr Gerry McColl£20.00
60902Cheerful Cha-Cha / Pachelbel's CanonGerry McColl / arr Gerry McColl£20.00
80202Jump Up / See The Conquering Hero ComesGerry McColl / arr Gerry McColl£20.00
80203A Little Waltz / GreensleevesGerry McColl / arr Gerry McColl£20.00
80204Rumbito / Minuet In GGerry McColl / arr Gerry McColl£20.00
80301Ave Verum Corpus / St Anthony Choralearr Gerry McColl£20.00
80302Ragamuffin / Pilgrim's HymnGerry McColl / arr Gerry McColl£20.00
60000Complete First Set:

Eyes Right / Andante (from Piano Sonata K331)
Rock Hard / Entracte (from "Rosamunde")
Summer Calypso / The Ringmaster
Jingle Bells / We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Cheerful Cha-Cha / Pachelbel's Canon
Gerry McColl / arr Gerry McColl£90.00
80000Complete Second Set:
Jump Up / See The Conquering Hero Comes
A Little Waltz / Greensleeves
Rumbito / Minuet In G
Ave Verum Corpus / St Anthony Chorale
Ragamuffin / Pilgrim's Hymn
Gerry McColl / arr Gerry McColl£90.00