Celebrating 100 years of “Labour and Love”

In September 1913 the organisers of the Crystal Palace Contest made a little bit of musical history.  For the first time ever, they commissioned a composer, Percy Fletcher, to write a test piece especially for the occasion.  The piece was called Labour and Love and the winning band was the famous (but, sadly, now extinct) Irwell Springs.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, and to highlight a gem from the pen of a great British composer, Nigel Hall has made an arrangement of Fletcher’s Woodland Pictures. This three movement suite is available on the Major Works page of our catalogue with the catalogue number being 130202.


New music

I’ve managed to get around to putting some new music onto the website (finally!). After my health problems last year and with nothing to do but sit around the house the new arrangements folder was somewhat overflowing.

There are 14 new American march arrangements in the March Card folder (these all start 13xxxx), so I won’t list them all here, but there are plenty for fans of John Philip Sousa and R.B. Hall.

A new arrangement for full band of the traditional Irish tune “Carrickfergus” (130602) in the Concert arrangements folder.

Three new solos – CORNET: Honeysuckle Polka (130603), FLUGEL: Y Deryn Pur (130201), EUPHONIUM: Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep (130604).

Cornet Duet – Nip and Tuc (130601)

New Music for Christmas 2012

It’s that time again! Time to get out the music and start practicing for the Christmas Concerts. MMI Music are pleased to release five new pieces ready for Christmas 2012. These pieces (and our other Christmas classics) can be found in the Hymns and Christmas section of our catalogue and also as a Print Your Own Disc (Catalogue Number 120806). The pieces are priced at £20.00 each and at £45.00 for the Print Your Own Disc. The new pieces are:

120801   The Bellman’s Carol  arranged by Keith S.J. Lever

120802   Carol Of The Birds  arranged by Keith S.J. Lever (a chance for your percussionist to go mad with the Bird Warbler!!)

120803   Christmas Countdown  by Karen Unsworth (an original Christmas piece)

120804   Christmas Decking by Nigel Hall (an uptempo swing version of Deck The Halls)

120805   Trois Chants De Noel   arranged by Keith S.J. Lever


New Classic American Marches

Our fourth set of five Classic American Marches have now been released. As before, all have been arranged by Nigel Hall and are available in the March Card section of our catalogue priced at £15.00 per set and as a Print Your Own Disc (Catalogue Number 120706) at £45.00 for all five. The marches in this set are:

120701   Banner Of Freedom by O.R. Farrar

120702   The Sparkler by Edgar G. Allen

120703   Gardes Du Corps by R.B. Hall

120704   The Black Mask by Al Hayes (a pseudonym for Henry Fillmore)

120705   Old Timer by Fred Jewell

New John Rutter Arrangement

We are pleased to announce the release of David Roberts’ arrangement of John Rutter’s setting of “For The Beauty Of The Earth” for Brass Band.

The arrangement can be found in the Hymns & Christmas Music section of the catalogue and costs £20.00 +P&P

Latest American Marches

Our latest set of Classic American Marches are now available for sale – these can be found in the March Card Section of the catalogue. The Marches are:

120401  American Belle  R.B. Hall arr Nigel Hall

120402  Shrine Of Liberty  Fred Jewell arr Nigel Hall

120403  Sir Nigel  Rocco Venuto arr Nigel Hall

120404  Noble Men  Henry Fillmore arr Nigel Hall

120405  Veni, Vidi, Vici  R.B. Hall arr Nigel Hall

Each set costs £15.00 + P&P

They are also available as a Print Your Own disc (Catalogue Number 120406) and costs £45.00 +P&P for all 5 marches


More Classic American Marches

We have now released our second batch of Classic American Marches. These can be found in the March Card section of the catalogue. The marches are:-

120301 Comrades Of The Legion  John Philip Sousa arr Nigel Hall

120302 Wizard Of The West  C.E. Duble arr Nigel Hall

120303 Men Of Ohio  Henry Fillmore arr Nigel Hall

120304 E Pluribus Unum  Fred Jewell arr Nigel Hall

120305 The Picadore March  John Philip Sousa arr Nigel Hall


These marches are also available in the Print You Own section of the catalogue under 120306 Classic American Marches Volume 2


MMI Music at West of England Regional Championships

If you are visiting the West of England Regional Championships at the Riviera Centre in Torquay over the weekend of the 10th and 11th of March, then come and visit our trade stand and pick up your music from our catalogue.

We look forward to seeing you there and wish the best of luck to all competing bands.