Classic American Marches

We have just added the first five titles in our new Classic American March Series. These are great marches from composers such as John Philip Sousa, Fred Jewell and Henry Fillmore to name but three. More titles will be added throughout the year, with the next five due to be ready in March. These can be found on the March Card page of the catalogue and are also available in the Print Your Own Series.

120204 Bombasto  O.R. Farrah arr Nigel Hall £15.00

120205 Wolverine March  John Philip Sousa arr Nigel Hall £15.00

120206 Shall We Gather At The River  Henry Fillmore arr Nigel Hall £15.00

120207 The Old Circus Band  Fred Jewell arr Nigel Hall £15.00

120208 The Sousa Swing  Chas B. Brown arr Nigel Hall £15.00

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